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Getting a prosthesis is a life changing event. No matter what circumstances have brought you here, we can help. Our clinicians and technicians are top in their field with access to state-of-the-art technologies. We want you to be comfortable and confident, and as independent and active as you can be. The foundation to our prosthetic design application for upper and lower extremities is a properly fitting socket. Socket fit has the biggest impact on success in rehabilitation. Let’s start exploring what we can do for you.


Upper Extremity

Lower Extremity

Sockets & Suspensions

Prosthetic Patient Experience

One of Physio's goals is to assure you that you can have a fulfilling and functional lifestyle no matter what circumstances have brought you here. Learn about the process here.

Patient Education

Patient education is essential to every step of our process. We will educate you on socket systems, suspension options and componentry selection. We encourage you to particpate in the design process. We will be honest and truthful about your expectations and assist you to set reasonable goals.

Team Approach

We offer a team approach to patient care with your primary practitioner as lead. This unique environment offers many benefits. Patients will develop relationships with multiple practitioners allowing for seamless follow-up care. Our team extends beyond the office to include physical therapists, doctors, peer counselors and support groups.

Unparalleled Follow-up Care

A key factor in the success of our patients is follow-up care. Timelines and frequency may vary depending on the experience level and time post amputation. We will continue to manage your prosthetic care throughout your lifetime.


At Physio our Center of Excellence has a great working relationship with many manufacturers. Our practitioners and technicians think outside the box in developing new techniques in manufacturing and socket design.

What to Expect


A subjective and objective prosthetic evaluation is performed each time a patient needs a new prosthesis or socket replacement. A thorough evaluation is an essential first step in choosing the most appropriate plan of prosthetics management to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Before the physical evaluation begins, we ask important questions about your hobbies, vocation, daily activities, family life, associated health concerns and your living environment. A physical evaluation will be conducted consisting of limb shape and condition, general muscle strength & flexibility and gait mechanics. At the time of your evaluation, we will discuss your aspirations and goals and your time frame to accomplish them. We will talk about what barriers may impact your goals and a make a plan to mitigate those barriers.


The first step in making the prosthesis is obtaining an impression of the residual limb. The impressions of the residual limb will be captured by hand casting with plaster. The model will then be modified to obtain appropriate weight bearing characteristics and shape required for a proper fit.


Multiple fittings are utilized to ensure that the socket and components will be optimized and allow you to meet your full potential in the rehab process.


The prosthesis will be completed with all definitive materials and components. Fit and alignment will be verified and necessary adjustments will be made. At this point we will refer you to a therapist for continued training. We will continue to monitor your progress through frequent follow-up care.

Follow up & Rehab

Our practitioners will assist you to coordinate your complete orthotics and prosthetics rehab experience. This includes follow-up, often in person at the rehab facility. Additionally, we will advise you on how to find the correct therapist to meet your needs. We will help you to find any referrals and supports you may need throughout the process to help you achieve your goals. We realize goals and aspirations may change or evolve as your confidence improves. In addition, your body and residual limb will continue to have changes. We will manage you through those changes, until it becomes necessary to replace sockets or components. At this point in time the prosthetics evaluation process repeats itself.

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