Physio O&P

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Whether you want to run a marathon or simply enjoy going for a walk, we can help you. Our practitioners are dedicated to providing you with the device that will best meet your unique needs and help you reach your personal goals.

Your Options

Partial Feet
Symes/Ankle Disarticulation
Hip Disarticulation

Our lower extremity program brings you experience and dedication- doing away
with inadequate designs and taking you to the next level in function and comfort.

At Physio, we take your goals from possibility to reality.


Physio are trained and certified by the following manufacturers for the use of their products

Power knee, Symbionic knee/ ankle, Rheo III knee, Proprio ankle, Unity elevated vacuum, all flex foot systems, all LE systems.

Genium knee, C-leg knee, harmony vacuum system, all LE systems

BiOM produces bionic propulsion technology to replace lost muscles and tendons.

Email for more information about our prosthetic leg program.

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