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Physio O&P® is a leading provider of outpatient orthotic and prosthetic services. Our clinicians are experienced at finding unique solutions to meet your goals. We provide the highest quality of care and custom designed prothetics and orthotics. Physio is ready to be your partner to get you back to living a fulfilling, functional lifestyle.

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Physio O&P®
Are you experiencing any of these problems?
  • Unable to progress to expected goals?
  • Pain?
  • Requires effort and concentration to walk?
  • Poor confidence/balance?
  • Skin breakdown, callus or unusual discoloration?
  • Significant space between residual limb and socket in standing position?
  • Inability to balance or transfer weight to prosthesis without fear of pain?

Center of Excellence

Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International (POSI) - exemplifies the best in the field. Our clinicians and technicians embrace the challenge of finding unique solutions to meet each person’s needs. Through advanced technologies and custom fabrications, we can help you

live better, work smarter and play harder.®

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