After my mom had her spinal surgery I didn't think she would be able to play with us like she did before. Thanks for giving us our mom back again.

I'm able to pick my baby up again without my back hurting.

I was unable to use my left arm to drive but after PT I'm now able to use both arms to drive and am able to do all daily activities.

I love PT ‘cause in March of this year I fell down some steps and had tingling in my hands and my shoulder hurt really bad. Well, I ended up having a neck fusion at three levels and had one level previous done twenty years ago. My doctors have been telling me to prepare for not being able to go back to driving truck over road. There are mornings that I was in so much pain following surgery that I did not want to even leave house, but I did anyway and when I got done with PT, I felt like new man. I even asked the doctors to let me go every day. I have been working with George and I feel like he is a miracle worker. I have since had rotator cuff surgery and am now working with George again and doing very well. He will have be back to driving in no time. That is why I love PT.

I can bend my left knee enough after a full replacement to step into the stirrup and swing aboard a horse again. With lots of hard work and a therapist who believed in me and motivated me I was able to achieve my goal of 130 degrees flexion that it takes to get on and off a horse on the left side.

My knee went from being in a straight leg brace and crutches (non-weight bearing) to almost fully functional and still improving with therapy to get it back to full function!

I rolled into my first PT session with Janet at your Chandler, AZ location in my wheelchair and crutches. I had seen 4 other PTs in the prior 9 months. After just a few short weeks --- I was walking with one crutch and another few weeks I was a walking fool! I am sooooooooo overly thankful to Janet and Physiotherapy for my new found mobility! Nothing on earth beats the feeling of WALKING unassisted, especially for me as a single mom of 3 boys who need me in their active lives! Without my amazing Janet (not just any PT), I'd still be in a wheelchair, miserable and helpless! Forever thankful is the biggest understatement I've ever made! It's a tearful FOREVER THANKFUL from the bottom of my humble heart!

The PT staff put me back together when I was feeling like Humpty Dumpty.

I love PT because it keeps me limber and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. It also enables me.

Going to physical therapy has helped my injuries heal much faster. They have taught me so many different ways to continue in my recovery. I am now in the wellness programs thanks to them.

I am Allison . I am 11 years old. I have been with Physiotherapy Associates for three and half years with Mike Vito. He is amazing and helps keep me strong from my challenges of Charcot Marie Tooth. I do physical therapy so I can continue to be able to walk and do the things I like to do! I love it there!

I feel compelled to write to sing the praises of your staff members and whatever policies you are implementing to create such a "user-friendly" business. Unfortunately for me, I have needed a great deal of physical therapy the past few months after two knee surgeries, including a failed surgery that left me in pain and rather depressed. As a life-long runner and athlete, these injuries have been devastating to me. The only bright spot in my unfortunate medical circumstances has been finding the excellent, caring professionals at Physiotherapy Associates. From my first call to make my initial appointment, I was struck by the friendly, helpful manner of Karen, the receptionist at the K street office. I was then awed by how competent, professional and caring therapist Sabrina Altema is. I had immediate confidence in her abilities. In fact, despite an orthopedic surgeon telling me he had no idea what was wrong with my knee, Sabrina diagnosed the problem in about ten minutes and set me on a path to healing. When it was clear I needed a second surgery, Sabrina recommended an excellent surgeon at GW who I would not have found on my own. In addition to the on-site therapy, Sabrina has gone beyond the call of duty to make calls and send emails on my behalf to ensure my treatment was comprehensive and coordinated. All the other staff members are top notch as well. The technicians are helpful and friendly, and one, Mike (sorry I don't know last names!) gave me a lovely hug and worked to cheer me up when I came in upset after learning I needed the second surgery. Lauren and Cindy on the accounting side of things have been extremely helpful in sorting out a billing problem caused by my insurance company. After the second surgery I was unable to get to the K street office, and Sabrina helped me find your facility in Silver Spring, close to my home. I was hesitant to leave the excellent team on K Street but was thrilled to encounter the exact same standard of care in Silver Spring. Therapist Amanda Dolinka is wonderful, similarly professional, kind and competent, and the technicians are also extremely friendly and helpful. The student interns are a great addition too. As a final note, I have never waited a single minute to start my treatment at either facility. I sign in and they say "come on back." Considering that I have had therapy two to three times a week for months, I greatly appreciate the lack of wait time. I am truly so grateful for the good care I am receiving at Physiotherapy Associates. Very best regards,

Thank you for bringing me back to me. As much as I would like to find the words to express my deep and humbled gratitude for ushering me back to health, those words elude me. In my mind it is more like an interpretive dance of me jumping up and down, gleefully shouting, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I arrived in pain and mentally broken, the lowest I had been since injuring my hip. I had no faith in my body, no faith that I could rehab out of the pain and worse of all, very little faith in me. Within minutes of meeting you and your team, I knew I was in the right place and what small spark of hope I had left, reignited. In fact, on my way home from that first session I called my husband and was hope "on fire". I was still a bit unsure if I was going to be able to get to 100%, but knew I had the right navigator.
I came home today TIRED! But that good kind of tired, the kind where you have given it all you can, your body shaking with endorphins, calm, serene and at peace, because every inch has worked, with ZERO pain. I am a brand new Aimee. You helped me get past my mental blocks, AND rehabbed my hip. I walked in with so many self imposed limits. Today, I feel like I can do just about anything I want, no fear, just unbridled curiosity and confidence.
There will never be enough THANK YOU's to repay that gift.
Thank you for all that you do.

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