Sports Therapy

Certified Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are one of the most critical players on the sports medicine team. At Physio, we are proud of the fact that we offer one of the most robust athletic training programs in the country. Partner with PhysioSports to develop an athletic program that provides your athletes with the best care in the industry.
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PhysioSports® Athletic Experience

Navigating the health care system can often be intimidating and a challenging experience. This can be especially difficult for the injured athlete or the parent of an injured athlete. That is why our athletic training team serves as your “Athlete Navigator”. They are there to serve as your advocate and to assist you in navigating through the complex world of the US Health Care System. Studies show that when a health care navigator is utilized that days to onset of professional care is reduced, long term outcomes are improved and health care costs are reduced. This means that your athlete has a better long term outcome, they get back on the field faster and it cost you less money.
Physio Physical Therapy

Athlete Navigator on the Field

From the moment the athlete goes down on the field, our team becomes activated. Whether the athlete needs to be transported to the ER or referred to the physician, we ensure this process is as smooth and efficient as possible. This aids in any delay in the onset of care.

Athlete Navigator in the Clinic

If a referral to physical therapy is indicated, your athlete navigator ensures timely scheduling and transparent communication with all health care providers involved in your athlete’s care. This ensures all health care providers are aligned and in agreement with the plan of care which expedites your safe return to play.

Active Care Products

We are proud to offer these products in conjunction with our sports medicine programs.
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